Morten Georgsen

Morten was born in Denmark.

Trained in design and product management at Bang & Olufsen for 9 years.

University degree in marketing.

In 1992 he established his own studio, Futhark Design, in Denmark.

In 2002 he moved to Valencia, where the main offices are still located. The studio became “Morten Georgsen” in 2014.

His first international success was “Color 4 Kids”, developed by “Club 8” (the company that later would become BoConcept). Since that first collaboration, Morten has become one of BoConcept’s main designers.

Morten created the first marble extendable table in the world. He incorporated this system on the designs for Ronald Schmitt, Maurice Villency (Roche Bobois) and more.

One of the strongest points of the studio is the variety of nationalities, ages and professional backgrounds.

Elegant simplicity and exciting functions are what define our designs, which is why our works are sold globally, making us one of the most successful design studios in the field.

Although at the studio, we always prioritises people’s opinion over fame, we have been rewarded with several design distinctions, like the Pinnacle award and the Haimsohn Design award.
Our designs have been featured in publications like Schöner Wohnen, Design Milk and Vogue Living amongst many others.
Morten has also been a key speaker in multitude of conferences, and judge at prestigious design competitions such as the IF product design awards.

Although the studio’s main line of work is furniture, we have also designed electronics and lamps, and developed retail, contract and brand concepts.

About Morten Georgsen

Milestones (PDF) | CV (PDF)

Studio Design Approach

Design philosophy

Timing is crucial in the industry, and at Morten Georgsen, we can deliver impeccable new concepts within a specific time frame.

We focus on our client’s needs, and adapt on the specific characteristics that will define the project: markets, techniques, styles, trends…

We can prioritise and act accordingly.

We know everybody can design, but we aim to go further.

We are constantly improving.

We don’t get comfortable in our success. We push limits to take our customer and ourselves further.

We work hard, but we know how to have fun.


Inspiration does not appear out of the blue, it comes to us because we have a profound knowledge of the client we are working with (their goals, ideas, concepts and products) and their circumstances (competitors, distributors, production capacity and general capabilities).

This knowledge is what allows us to find creative ideas, solutions, concepts and products.

This knowledge is what makes us uniquely creative!